Zhdanko ridge

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On the territory of Makarov district there’s a geological monument of regional significance which is called Zhdanko Ridge. Its length is 13 kilometers. The ridge was named after Russian hydrographer and land surveyor, Mikhail E.Zhdanko. According to scientists it was formed by the hardened lava floods in the time of volcano construction. The ridge hides the hills stretching westward from the sea influence which creates a special climate and makes favorable conditions for local fauna. From the northern part of the ridge there’s a picturesque outlook on the eastern and western shores of Sakhalin. The highest ridge point is Zhdanko mountain (682 m. above sea level). 

Out travel will start early in the morning - we are going to travel from Yuzhno to the bottom of the ridge. We will have to arm ourselves with strength and patience because the climbing will take us about 6 hours in one direction, and we will march 5.5 kilometers. If you take a first step upwards, you won’t stop because in the summit you’ll be rewarded with complete unity with Mother Nature. And only wind and incoming clouds can sometimes prevent from taking flattering pictures. Any hiking in the mountains becomes a bright adventure. Those feelings in the mountain top can’t be expressed with words.

Ridge Zhdanko
Cape Burunny
Sea of Okhotsk
Mount Vladimirovka


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  • Trekking shoes
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water / tea
  • Snack for the day
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  • Guide service
  • Security equipment


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Zhdanko ridge
4,500 rub