Aniva lighthouse

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The main point in your travel, surely, is to see natural treasures. But our island can amaze. Historical past of Sakhalin is profound and this mist covers the island shores embedding architectural objects into natural palette. Still, what kind of architecture can be interesting for those who came to visit the island? The clue to this mystery lies there, on the shores. The island geography makes us show and tell about our lighthouses. Even if their service time became history it is still an integral part of the region you visit.

There are several points which fulfill the picture of Sakhalin lighthouses with colors. The first one will be travel to the most popular, mystic and hardly accessible island lighthouse. The Lighthouse Aniva is located close to the same-named cape on the separate cliff on the border of Okhotsk sea and Aniva Bay. It was built in the times of Japanese presence in the island and unfortunately has been abandoned for several years.

The acquaintance with one of the most difficult engineering project of Karafuto period will leave a bright trace in your understanding of island architecture. Surrounding natural landscape will be an icing on the cake.

In the morning we will go southward from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to a little settlement Novikovo. We will spend a couple of hours in the road but the time will pass quickly. We must say the road will be a little bit shaking. 

Having arrived to Aniva bay shore we will be given an instruction about rules in the boat, get necessary equipment and positive vibes from our guides. And hurry up, the adventures are waiting for us! The sea part of our travel to the lighthouse will take about two hours and will depend on the weather conditions. On the way we’ll be rewarded with impressive views of cliffs and mountain walls of Tonino-Aniva peninsula. In case of special luck, we even will be able to watch orcas in the sea. Upon arrival to the lighthouse we’ll walk along its narrow corridors and our guides will familiarize you with the history of this noble edifice. You can stay here, listen to the sounds of sea and seagulls endlessly but it is time to get back. Our adventures don’t stop here though. We will certainly make a stop in the White Stone cape where you can walk along the sea shore, dip a toe in the water and completely fall in love with Sakhalin.

Aniva cape
Aniva Lighthouse
Cape White Stone
Outpost "Yuzhnaya"
Cape Mica
Снаряжение и одежда
  • Rubber boots (up to the knee)
  • Windproof jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water / tea
  • Meals
  • Transfer
  • Guide services
  • Security
  • Rubber boots (if necessary)
  • Splash suit
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  • Meals


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Aniva lighthouse
7,500 rub
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