Evstafia Cape

7,800 rub

The most impressive objects are located in the island shores. These are not just capes or bays. These are the places which have a great historical background and storehouse of the events happened here. Stable superiority is taken by the beauty of the nature and unique character of the surrounding landscapes. One of these places is Evstafia Cape – a rocky part of the island surrounded by Okhotsk sea waters and shooting out into the glassy sea surface.

For pretty long time this object has been gathering dust in the garner of island tourism, but now it takes one of the most dominant positions in popularity. One-of-a-kind cape form provides a status of the must-see sightseeing. Travelling to Evstafia Cape you can see the abundance of cape territory itself and the road to it. It is just like a picture consisting of many little details and able to fill the bowl of impressions to the brim.

We are going to travel southward to settlement Novikovo, it will take us two hours. On the way we will make several stops which are going to be filled with history of the bygone Karafuto epoch. Other stops will discover the geographical features of Sakhalin island and let us make a few interesting shots nearby natural attractions. In Novikovo we will certainly get some local pastry and, having filled the air with warm bread flavor, travel to the Emerald lake left after coalmining. From the best scenic viewpoint to the lake it is possible to get stunning shots which we definitely keep to our devices.

Then we’re going to travel over the passage to Okhotsk sea and to the final destination -  Evstafia cape. On the spot we will take a two hours walk, in all directions, and taste a delicious lunch from our chef. The day is expected to be long and interesting, so keep some energy and leave room for new impressions!

Evstafia cape
Lake Busse
Port Prigorodnoye
Turquoise lakes
Aniva Bay
Снаряжение и одежда
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water / Tea
  • Included
  • Transfer
  • Guide service
  • Lunch (snack)
  • Safety equipment
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    Evstafia Cape
    7,800 rub
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