Waterfalls of Sakhalin

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Waterfall is an amazing and one of the rarest natural phenomenon. Thousands – and somewhere millions - of people admire waterfalls with a sinking heart. Each of it has its voice and beauty. The small ones whisper, the big ones make themselves known aloud, and all of them are taken as miracle. In this travel we are going to see three most interesting waterfalls of Makarov district.

Our travel will begin in the morning in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We are to travel about 200 kilometers by car to the first point of our waterfall story. We will start from the smallest waterfall – Yachmenevka. Our way will go right along the river, sometimes we’ll have to cross flowing stream and after 30 minutes of walk we’ll reach the waterfall. This waterfall is small, its height is only 15 meters but if you look around you will see an unusual terrrain where the waterfall is located. 

The second point will be the highest waterfall of all we are going to see this day. Many people take Klokovskiy for rapids, but this fact will not impact your emotions from the things you’ll see. It has no official name and as it’s located not far from Klokovskiy Cape - that’s where the waterfall name was derived from. Upper part of the waterfall is hidden behind the trees. And despite its total height is 48 meters we will be able to see only its part - the stream flaring in the bottom.

The final chord on our travel will be lower Ugledarskiy Waterfall. It’s not the highest one but will give more impressions than its already seen brothers-waterfalls. On the way to waterfall we will be crossing the river several times, so there’s a possibility to wet feet. Lower waterfall is comparable to its upper brother by the height but excels it by power. The water plunges from 25 meters height forming a water mist in the bottom.

This unique one-day trip to Sakhalin waterfalls will help you forget about routine and enjoy being in the outdoors. 

Снаряжение и одежда
  • Trekking shoes
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water / tea
  • Snack for the day
  • Transfer
  • Guide service
  • Security equipment
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Waterfalls of Sakhalin
5,000 rub
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