Cape Ptichiy

7,000 rub

Impressions and emotions are the things why you travel. The cape Ptichiy (Birds’ Cape) in Sakhalin will give you not only good pictures but emotions as well. It’s all about its landscapes, sandy shore along which there are rocks and cliffs of bizarre forms like arches and stone sculptures. We can’t help but mention the vast and severe taiga stretching along this marvellous shore. 

Cape Ptichiy is a part of natural monument. It was created in order to protect shoreline ecosystem. The breeding sites, seal rookeries and beautiful flora of these places are now under protection. The cape takes its name from seashore colonies of birds which build their nests in the rocks beyond the reach of predators. 

We are to travel about 100 kilometers by high-mobility cars from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Cape Ptichiy (if necessary, we will make a stop in Okhotskoye). On the spot we can enjoy a walk along the sandy shore 5 kms long, this walk will take us from 2 to 3 hours. It’ll let us get inimitative impressions, make flattering pictures and get a boost from unity with the nature. Along the shore we’ll meet cliffed formations which in popular parlance are called Finger, Warrior, Elephant, Arch. These natural sculptures are located in the bays with unique landscape, and from the shore side the mountains close in on the sea like a wall with dense taiga forest.

Very likely it’s one of the most beautifil places of our island. This travel will make you utterly speechless but later will turn you into the best storyteller. 

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Ptichiy cape
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  • Trekking Shoes
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water / Tea
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  • Transfer
  • Guide service
  • Lunch (snack)
  • Safety equipment


Шевченко Наталья
Экскурсия на мыс Птичий превзошла все наши ожидания !Красота этого места не поддаётся описанию !Погода тоже не подвела. Но самое главное- это гиды Фёдор и Сергей. Очень творчески отнеслись к своим обязанностям! Мы услышали массу интересных вещей о нашей области, совершили необычную прогулку и даже насладились вкуснейшим обедом! Спасибо всей команде Адреналин-тур !

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Cape Ptichiy
7,000 rub
Age 6+